Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Focus - a poem by Joe Houston


He sits alone
He lives aloft
The wind blows gently over his body
Asking why
The sun gives him life as its rays illuminate his strong features
He asks why
As his body is upright and strong his mind relaxed and focused
The gentle wind dies giving way to silence
The answer unfolds before him as it is presented by the sun
"You are an alien... a foreign ambassador"
His eyes close and his heart opens
"You are to lead"
His mind awakes and presents difficulty and doubts
"You are given the potential and the steps are falling into"
Reality tells him he is dreaming
"You will wait and pray and the prize will be given to you"
His eyes open and the northern breeze begins to flow over him
Again, it whispers,"Why?"
He answers aloud
"I am chosen - set aside - for all to look sustain the righteous and give hope to the hearts of the weary"
The sun sends its rays upon him again
"You are mine, without me you are nothing"
His heart swells with gratitude and pride
His chest expands, head held high toward the sun
Countless eyes notice him now as he sits on the pinnacle
He becomes conscious of their relentless observation
He does not look down to meet the eyes of the many, but stares - focused ahead on infinity
Infinity slowly opens to reveal the calm face of the Son...his goal, his hope, his life
His eyes open wide, yet the world fades out into empty nothingness
All is still and silent - all is gone, leave the face of life
All points of infinity are focused as they bow to the Almighty.

Joe Houston 6/21/97


Melanie said...

Hey there! My name is Melanie Martin, and I'm a 13 year old pastors daughter. I'm so happy I came acros your blog. I read it, and just cried.I knowit happend about a year ago, but I know you're still going through a hard time. I just wanted you to know that i'm praying for ya'll, and may the Lord Jesus Christ give you strength in your time of sorrow. ~Melanie

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