Friday, November 6, 2009

11-07-09 Search for Joe Houston

Our meeting is just ending (2AM)!
We were able to cover a lot of ground today even given great setbacks. There was a crew that went out from Goose Island and covered Cedar Bayou. There was also a crew on land on San Jose Island. The ATV's were such a blessing and cut back greatly on time and allowed the searchers to not waste time walking down shoreline that had already been searched. We were held back from an area that was of high interest and this left some of us rather discouraged for a time. BUT that particular area has been covered by our helicopters and plane!!! We were not allowed in on foot because it is hunting season apparently and the owners are concerned about safety and liability. We are so blessed to not have to rely on just our land searchers but to have aerial coverage of the areas we can't get to!
The stretch of island that has been of great interest from the beginning of this search is where we will be tomorrow. It's of interest because of the debris that was found there during the military search. There are only 7 miles left to be covered in this targeted area. We feel this is the area God has led us to and we're hopeful that Joe will be found!
We think the plan for Sunday will be different than previous days, so please check here for more info.
Also, we are in need of monetary donations at this point. We've had some more come in today, but a big chunk had to go out and we are expecting the rest to be gone real soon too.
Thanks for all your prayers! We look forward to telling you soon that we have Joe in tow!


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