Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joe has been found

The divers were able to go down today. The plane has been identified as Joe's. His body is in the cockpit and should be recovered today. It is a blessing to know where he is and that he has been with the Lord these past 3 weeks, not suffering. Please continue to pray for the Houston's, Jenn, and Joe's son.
The memorial and donation information is in a previous post. It will be this Friday, the 20th.


Brigetta said...

May this give his family peace, knowing that Joe is with the Father.
Just knowing Joe and his son for a little bit definitely touched me. He was a great and loving father.
I will continue to pray for the Houston family, Joe's son and Jenn. May the Lord give you all strength during this time.

Joe said...

In circumstances like these, ultimately the only place we find encouragement is in knowing that Joe was never lost at all. He was found in Christ. And that's where he'll stay for all of eternity. We are still praying for you all.

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