Saturday, November 7, 2009

Donations in the form of money and/or

Sadly we are going to have to send 2 key players home soon. They drove all the way from NJ (26hours straight!) to get this effort started up. We are not sure the exact date they will leave at this time (more than likely 11-08 or 11-09), but we are trying to prepare for it. We'd like to fly them home.
We want them to be safe. They have devoted their whole days here to be out on foot and also head co-ordinators. They are exhausted on so many levels after the intense efforts they have given to this point.
I am looking into the possibility of flying them home and then having their vehicle shipped to them. If you would like to donate, please do! We are looking for monetary funds and frequent flyer miles on Continental or American (small airport here in CC).
Please email me if you can help.
Also, anyone have contacts for shipping a vehicle?
Thanks ahead of time for your help. We all appreciate the outpouring of support for our team.


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