Thursday, November 5, 2009

Continuing search

From Jenn (Joe's Fiance):

Dogs, helo's, civilians, horses - all on land to search for Joe today. Marines have moved to Matagorda. Marines found small part of wing yesterday but nothing else and no other sign of plane or Joe - Father hear our cries! Surrender Joe up from the miry pit and place him on a rock higher!! I await the homecoming and beg for mercy - Please Father uphold our cause and fight for us!


There are still many people out there today, on land and in the air who are fervently searching for Joe. Keep their safety in your prayers and continue to pray for Joe as we believe he is out there alive, waiting for rescue, surviving on the knowledge that has been instilled in him for such a time as this. Keep persevering! And remember, if you would like to donate in some way to our efforts, please see the contact information on the side bar and CONTACT us!!


supersourcer said...

Hi Jenn-this is Amanda Papp, Jason Papp's wife. I contacted one of my friends down in Corpus...his name is John Little and he owns a fishing guide boat service down there. I sent him the link to this blog and this was his response, "I will email the link to the Coastal Bend Guide Association and other Guide buddies of mine and see what we can get together to help".
I will keep you posted--but in the meantime, my prayers and thoughts are with you and the rest of Joe's family!

THE Stephanie said...

Praying continually for Joe's safe return.

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