Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our continued efforts

There has been alot of changed today on many levels.
All of San Jose has now been covered, as well as parts of Mustang and Matagorda. We had more searchers today than in the past few days and we were greatly encouraged in the area that we can now 'x' off.
We've decided to take a rest and regroup. There are many factors leading up to this decision. The targeted search area for this effort has been covered. Our lead man and his girlfriend have to get back to NJ. We are also expecting some weather to blow in that would hinder our search. The good thing about this weather is that it's supposed to bring a super high tide with it. It is our hope to get a plane out when the tide goes down to fly the shorelines again and see if the storm pushed anything on shore.
Joe's family, fiancee, and close friends came to visit us during our meeting tonight. They thanked us, encouraged us, and prayed for us. It was a time that us searchers needed to be able to release and know that for this time, we've done all we know to do.
It has been a bitersweet day. We all left our meeting tonight knowing that our efforts weren't futile. We left with new friends, new hope, and ideas on our next approach to this mission to find Joe Houston!
We will be updating as we have info, needs, or just to keep up.
None of us have given up. How could we? Joe is in the hands of God and now we wait for God to turn him over to us.


apachegray said...

God bless all of you. The family are in our thoughts and prayers. ApacheGray California

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