Thursday, November 5, 2009

UPDATE for 11-06-09 Search

Hello friends!
Today we were able to make slow progress. Not having boats to take us down the shore is hindering the search. We need boats (and drivers for them) that can handle the Gulf side of San Jose Island.

We just had someone come through with a boat that is capable of carrying ATV's over to San Jose Island! We have 3 ATV's so far. They are also bringing a Kawasaki Mule. They will use this to drive people from the primary ferry dock down the shoreline. This is a huge answer to prayer! It allows us to no longer have to walk the area that has already been covered just to get to new search ground. If you have an ATV, please contact us.

We did get limited access to the Bass property!!!! It's positive that we do have access and that Equusearch will be there.

The fixed wing aircraft will be searching again tomorrow. We need one volunteer to be a lookout on this flight. One of the helicopters may also be coming back.

We have a man, Jeff, who drove down from Houston with his boat. He is taking a crew of 6 to search Cedar Bayou. They are leaving from Goose Island first thing in the morning. All 6 volunteer slots have been filled.

We are also working on getting a main number set up that all calls can go to. We'll post that number when/if it comes through.

The meeting times for the search are 7:30AM and 11:30AM. The meeting place is Fisherman's Wharf
900 Tarpon St.
Port Aransas, TX

The searchers were encouraged today by the amount of fresh water they came across and other resources that could be used for survival.

As of this writing, we have been able to raise $3,041.89!!! What a blessing to help for all the expenses involved in this search.

We've also had generous donations from Coastal Bend Cold Storage, Chick-Fil-A, B&J's Pizza, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme donuts, Sun Harvest, and lots of others who have provided lunches for the searchers.

Please contact us if you need any information or would like to volunteer.

Dave and Amy Warner
Matt Kavanagh and Nicole Lamberti
Nick and Tawny Novosad
and many more


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