Friday, November 13, 2009

With much gratitude

The search today unfortunately only uncovered some white and orange trash. Maybe after Joe is brought home we can organize a crew to do trash clean up. The trash debris everywhere, including the water, really makes a whole hearted search effort hard. There are divers in the water responding to 4 sonar boats! They were able to do 49 dives in two days. This is amazing especially given most of the pings are just trash and that they have zero feet visibility!!
Today we finally felt like we knew what the military is doing in the search for Joe and are at great peace knowing they are doing all they can and that they are the search and rescue experts. We are so grateful for the Coast Guard and all they are doing! They are going above and beyond and truly want to bring Joe home. We are hoping to come alongside them in whatever capacity needed and feel very confident they are and have been doing an amazing job. They are supporting the Navy and we want to support them both.
Joe's fiancee was able to be here with us for a time tonight. She is a phenomenal woman and we are all so blessed to have her on our side, supporting us and whatever search efforts we can or can't make. She and the Houston's have been such an inspiration to us during this time. It's a fine line we are walking between searchers and friends of Joe, Jenn's, and the Houston's. Seeing that the majority of us knew Joe, it brings an emotional aspect into what we are doing.
We are in continous prayer as to where to go next. We don't want to move unless it's exactly what we're supposed to be doing.
Tomorrow, Jenn will be meeting with a CG commander to be briefed on their ongoing search efforts. There will also be a plane going up in the morning. As of now, there will not be a land search this weekend. We are in prayer as to when and where and if there should be continued efforts of searching the land.
For now, we wait. We are trying to stop talking and doing and just listen. Listen to the Lord and also to what the other search teams are up to. We are in this together with the common goal of bringing Joe home.


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